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To gain access to download of images, please click DONATE button above.  You will then be sent to a secure payment page.  Once Payment of $8 is made, call or text 706-889-2425 to receive your download code. You will also be redirected to youtube page upon the completion of payment.  From this page you will see a tutorial on how to download images. It is very simple and explained step by step, so please do watch the ENTIRE VIDEO before contacting us with questions. In the event you can not get the images to download, please feel free to contact Nichol with any questions you may have. 7068892425 

If your computer does not redirect you to the download tutorial please click HERE to view the video. 


Thank you all for joining us this year at the Daddy/Daughter dance & for your contribution to Relay for Life.  We hope to see you all again next year! God Bless.

100% of money collected will be donated to Relay for Life.

If you rather pay in person, you may go by the Ellijay Hospital and see the radiation department, to pay and receive code.  

Once you have paid for download & have watched the youtube download video, please click link below to go to the album and start your download selections.  Once you download you can upload to printing lab of your choice to print as you wish. 

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Photographer's Update :) Goodness Gracious, it has sure been amazing around here lately!  We have been slammed with photo appointments and constantly has us feeling so very blessed.   In the past 2 months I have photographed more newborns than ever & still have 2 on the books to come ~ these wee ones have been filling my days with sweetness & the results are something I know the mother's will treasure for a lifetime!  Thanks to all my newborn Momma's for hauling your baby out to me & trusting me with such an important capture.  I do feel so thankful to have you call on me.

Ellijay Ga PhotographerNewborn PhotographyPhotographer Ellijay, GA This is Natalie Harrison's sweet baby girl, who was such a dream to work with ~ she was like puddy in my hands and molded into just about any position I tried.  She also slept like a champ, which lead her session to last only a few hours.  I also had the privilege of photographing her older brother as a newborn baby.. I truly enjoyed photographing them together years later.  Let's me know I am doing something right to have kept these sweet clients for all these years... not to mention Momma drove from Woodstock area for her photography session with me ~ thanks again for the efforts, Natalie.. I believe we captured her sweetness & it was well worth it all. southerngrace-3191Newborn Photographer Ellijay gaPhotographer Ellijay, GA

I would also like to welcome a new family to our Southern Grace Family ~ Nikki heard about us through a friend, who was referred to us by Natalie.. so it goes to show, word of mouth is a powerful thing & without my clients, I would not be where I am today.  So thank you so much to each of my clients who recommend us to others, you are what makes my job continue.  

Here is Mr. Tripp, love his wild & crazy hair! Ellijay Ga Newborn PhotographerEllijay Ga PhotographerNewborn Photographer Ellijay, GA

I can't wait to watch and capture Tripp as he grows!  If he is anything like his parents, then he will be awesome (and adorable)!!!  Mom & Dad totally relaxed at the studio all day, while I played with baby, and that allowed for me to do my job.  I absolutely love and need that trust, so thanks for making our day with you so enjoyable.. my creativity was able to flow & I do believe it shows in your images.  Thanks again y'all ~ can't wait until our next photo session!  Squeeze that sweet boy for me!

Newborn Ellijay Ga PhotographerNewborn Family PhotographerPhotographer Ellijay, GA Ellijay ga photography newbornNewborn Photographer ELlijay GaPhotographer Ellijay, GA We had several other newborns come through our studio doors in the last month, & has kept myself busy for countless hours, during the day, and also our editor, Casey.  She has worked her little fingers to death on editing these sweet pics & want to give her a big ole' pat on the back!  She makes my work what it is and without her eye of perfection I don't know where I'd be.  So, Casey Lou... I thank you for all you do & so do these parents ~ you truly rock our pics out!  Few other clients we have had this month are our CREEK DAY CLIENTS ~ Good Golly was that some major FUN!  We had some of the families in over their heads in the creeks of Ellijay.  I also can promise a couple things about creek day ~ the families leave with memories of laughter.. they leave WET and they leave with awesome images to capture it all!  Creek Day still stands at one of our favorite photo days of all.  It's just REALLY GOOD, OLD TIME KINDA FUN & you can't beat that with a stick!


We have also photographed Candra Warren's ladies, for their insurance business ad ~ beyond fun!  Such beautiful women, inside and out!

We spent an evening with a Woodstock attorney & her associate, boy oh boy were they a HOOT!  She sure surprised me, and was living it up on our session around Ellijay.  I really did enjoy knowing I am not the only one out there, who isn't afraid to let loose and have fun!

Photographer Attorney Ellijay GaHeadshots Photogapher Ellijay GaPhotographer Ellijay, GA

Let's not forget our sweet and beautiful Christy of Happy Elephant Yoga Studio.  Her session was AMAZINGLY AWESOME!  We went to a few locations around Ellijay and also shot in her new studio, which opens Sept. 2, 2014 for Yoga classes in downtown Ellijay.  I will ad a link for y'all as soon as she gets it rolling.  Check out this awesomeness below ~ even her images have a way of relaxing me.. I think it is the sweet soft spirit she carries and it even shows through camera.  Glad to have met you, Christy ~ we wish you much success & happiness in your upcoming business. 

family photographyEllijay Ga Yoga PhotographerPhotographer/photography ellijay ga SG Photography (7 of 7)Ellijay Ga photographer photography
















And now, for me.. back to emailing and editing my heart out.  Much love to you all & thanks again for everything! *Blessed*

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Beautiful Layla's one year session : ellijay/GA/photographer/photography ellijay/photographerellijay/photographerellijay ga children photographer/photography

Ellijay's best known makeup artist, Holly Chastain brought sweet Layla to us last week, for her 1 year Birthday Photo Session.  Holly cares for Layla during the day, while Mommy & Daddy are working.  After spending time with her, I see exactly why she loves this lil one the way she does ~ she was beyond amazing! Thanks so much for sharing her with us Holly~ she is precious! 

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Sweet little Twin Girls' Newborn Photography Session/ Ellijay, Ga Photographer Last Thursday I was blessed to photograph this new set of twins from Jasper, Ga.  They were just one week old when I worked with them and oh boy was it a sweet lil' time with them.   Each made with their own little personality and spunk.

H8Rfish Our sweet little Brinlee slept the entire session it seemed, it didn't matter which way I posed her she snoozed...  While our littlest twin, Hattie was a spunky little booger ~ she loves to arch her back & wiggle around.  When she cried I held and cradled her waiting for her to calm, but found that the best way to calm her was to lay her big sis on top of her.  I know that after spending 9 months next to someone, growing with them, hearing their heart beat and feeling their skin upon you, that they become your comfort.  So, when she couldn't be calmed I gave it a shot & sure enough within seconds she was asleep.  I absolutely loved photographing these precious twin girls. 

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CREEK DAY July 26th, 2014 Summer is in full swing ~ temps are high, days are long ~ just how we like it. So, the time has come for one of our most requested photo day….CREEK DAY!! This one is a favorite among our clients.  No matter your age, as soon you step into the fresh flowing creek water of good ole' Ellijay, you really just can’t help but go back in time to the days of your childhood. Even if you have never stepped foot into a creek, you still know what days I'm talking about. The days where everything seemed simple and happiness was found in the smallest things! To truly live you must lose yourself completely for a minute... to let go, to relax, to laugh, to love, to enjoy everything around you and not worry about yesterday or tomorrow but to be in the present moment. The creek brings it out in ya, even the 'I hate to be photographed' people have always left laughing & truth be told, they are usually the one who starts the splashing ;) Over the years we have set up so many different themes to photograph and capture family memories but the Creek Photoday is the one that truly does capture real life, sure we start off by getting the nice group shot of everyone smiling and looking at the camera to hang on the wall but the one you enlarge to hang on the wall is always found in the images that aren't posed.  Creek Day offers just that, it's a way to step back and get real simple ~ it always starts with one simple splash, and after a few drops get on Mom or Dad & they realize they aren't gonna melt, the smiles and laughter start coming natural... And that is when it happens, the family is all playing and having fun~ at that moment my assistant an I are just observers.


 I have realized during creek day, that though the family came to have their pictures taken, they left with a lot more than that.. they left our session with memories and togetherness!  It makes my heart smile to see a family truly enjoy each other, and to see that it can be found in something as simple as playing in the creek on a hot summer day!



Each session will include 30 minutes of coverage time, online viewing of edited images to share with friends & family and a disc of 15-30 completely retouched images, free of watermark, and ready for printing.


You’ll want to book your spot quick, this day will fill up in no time! We missed out on this fun day last year, thanks to TONS of rain, so everyone is in need of a creek day fix :) Once the spots are filled, that’s it. So don’t miss your chance! The date will be July 26th :)  In the event we are unable to complete the photo day due to weather, or our decision, your session fee will be refunded in the form of which it was paid. Please allow 2 weeks for refunds. However, if for any reason you are unable to keep your appointment time, your session fee is non-refundable.



southerngrace-8206southerngrace-8206 southern-8142southern-8142 Total investment for the coverage and disc of images is $160. This amount will be split into two payments: $50 is due now as a deposit (session fee) to hold your spot, and the remaining $100 will be due at the time of your session. Payment on the day of will only be accepted in form of cash or check (made payable to Southern Grace Photography). If you would like to pay your balance with a credit card, payment must be received in advance. Just let us know, and we’ll send ya an invoice.  When paying with C.Card online Paypal's payment/processing fee will be applied to your balance.





All images on this post were taken by Southern Grace Photography & used to serve as an example of what our past year’s creek adventures were like.  

These images will also show clothing selections to what some of our clients have wore in the past and you can also refer to the info below in the FQA section as to clothing info for this day. :) 


Make sure to bring towels and a carefree heart, cause we’re gonna have fun! If you choose not to get completely wet at the end of your session, we won’t force you, but if you do it’ll be the most fun your family has had all summer! :)





Directions to our creek day location will be emailed out to you on Thursday, July 24th. Also, any changes, updates, etc will be sent via e-mail. Please ensure that we have your correct e-mail address when paying your deposit.


When booking, please include your phone number, e-mail address and your requested time slot. We will put you in the closest slot available if the time you requested has already been booked. Keep in mind that we update the line-up manually. We will try our best to stay on top of it, but we’re only human.


11:00 Tabitha Burney (pd)

11:30 Erin Fowler (pd)

12:00 Misty Fletcher (pd in full)

12:30 Hannah Land (pd)

1:00 BREAK

1:30 BREAK

2:00 Morgan Malcom (pd)

2:30 Mindy Prosser (pd)

3:00 Sarah Hall (pd)

3:30 BREAK

4:00 NG (pd)


5:00 Valerie Crump (pd)



Enter Phone number and e-mail
Enter requested time slot



**PLEASE NOTE** We will no longer be allowing multiple families to share a single photo day session. We have limited time during these sessions, and it is too much to try and squeeze multiple groups in. If you are needing multiple family photos, please book 2 time slots, or e-mail me for information on booking a private 1 hour session. Sorry for any inconvenience, and thanks for understanding! 


Below are some FAQ ~ please feel free to e-mail us at with any questions you have that are not answered below. 

How do I book a slot?  Pay your deposit above and make sure to include your cell phone number, requested time slot~ each area will have a place to type info on payment button above.  With time requests, we will put you as close to the requested time as possible.  If the time is already booked we will put you in next available slot, if that doesn't work for you, please let us know asap so we can fill the spot and we will refund your payment or try and move things around.  In the event we book in full and you have paid, we will refund your payment or try to open a slot up for you.  Please note that the blog line up is updated manually and your name will be added as soon as possible.  

I paid but I don't see my name on list?  The blog is updated manually and your name will be added as soon as we return to the office.

What if it rains?  It aint going to.... but for those of you who need a plan at all times, we will refund your payment in full and try to reschedule the day in which you will be able to book again.  In the event of rain we will start to call in order of line up (this is why entering cell number is so important). We do ask that before preparing for the day, please check the blog to see if we have posted anything.. we will first post updates to the blog in event of inclement weather.  

What do we wear?  What do you normally wear... that is what you should wear to this day, unless you normally wear stretch pants and t-shirt, then kick it up a notch and at least put on some cute shorts & tank ;)  Nah, really guys ~ Creek Day is a fun filled day and we want you to play and live it up, so please do not get all fancied up in clothing that you will never wear again, because it'll make you uncomfortable and stiff & we won't be able to get ya wet ;)   P.S.  Probably a good idea to not tell the hubby about the "getting wet part"  Let us break the news to him during the session ~ just quietly sneak a few towels in the car with ya.. normally the hubby will go for it all & it'll be less belly-aching for ya to deal with before hand! lol

How early do we arrive?  If you appointment is down for 11:30 then please arrive at 11:15, so that you can get unloaded and be ready for your session as soon as I finish the client before you.. please do not be rolling in at 11:30 as it will take off from our shooting time.  Each client will be photographed at their time slot and if you are late then you will loose time as we will have client or needed break directly following your session.  

How long will it be before we get our disc?  We ask for 4-6 weeks of editing time during this time of year, this allows for proper editing to be done to each image.  We normally knock them out well before this time frame (sometimes as soon as 1 week later but only if the editing is caught up, so we do ask for proper work time on images and we try to finish our work in order for best flow and client satisfaction.) 

Where do we pick our disc up from?  We can mail your disc if we know in advance, otherwise all discs are left in our drop box located at our studio in Ellijay.  Studio address is 572 Maddox Drive Suite 220 Ellijay Ga. 30540 and lock box is outside our door.  Code to open box will be given to you upon completion of your disc. 

If I have a question, who do I call?  Call Casey at the studio she is there on Monday, Wednesday, & Friday. Please do leave us a message if you call when we are out & we will call you back.  Studio number is 706-635-3335  Please save this number and contact us through this number as my cell phone is reserved for personal use only and appreciate you guys understanding that, just had to separate work from home life a bit & this was the way to do it :)  Casey can also be emailed at & she will return your email within 2 business days. 

What a treasure these images will be for your family ~ there is no possible way to regain time, so spend your time wisely. Your family will grow a little more each day, make sure to soak them up!! To me, an image freezes that moment in time, & though it can’t really take you back to just how wonderful that moment was, it can sure bring tears to the eyes of a mother who wants to remember those sweet moments when the tiny fingers of her toddler once held tightly to her hand…or a father, who wants to be able to look upon the walls of his home and remember the days when he could toss his little girl, laughing and screaming with delight, high into the air with his own two hands. Now those hands are aged, and so are those minds ~ having these images will save your memories for a lifetime. It’s what you leave behind that makes a difference, so leave a trail of happiness, and a stack of photos as proof! 

Thanks to God for the gift I have been blessed with to capture life…your life.


 We simply can't wait to play in the creek with ya, bring on the wrinkled up toes!!!

XOXOXO, Nichol & Casey 

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We do it for you.... So, we wanna know whatcha like!  We worked pretty much all day yesterday (if you leave out the visit to our favorite creek in Ellijay...shhhh;) on the website design and made some changes and added numerous features!  Hop over and check it out ~ on homepage you will notice instant status sharing on pics in homepage gallery, along with instant Google+ sharing, Twitter, and you can now pin our images to Pinterest ~ just scroll over the image and you'll see the lil buttons...happy pinning!  We have also added direct link buttons to find us on fb, twitter, pinterest, and google+ (if you haven't added us to your social media, get to it!  Our Pinterest boards are full of eye candy and awesome ideas)  The 'about us' section was updated with a much needed new image of yours truly & we reset the color scheme through out the website to match the studio colors.  It's fresh it's clean & it's made for you!  So please take a minute and let us know what you want/like.


Please check any boxes that apply to your liking.  Feel free to leave us a comment and let us know if there is anything you suggest or want to see added to the website.  We are tickled pink with feed back, so please do let us know whatcha think :) 


Southern Grace Photography we do things a bit different 'round here 


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Out-takes and memories from our 1st Gypsy Summer Photoday southerngrace-0404southerngrace-0404Southern Grace Photography OUT-TAKES and BEHIND THE SCENES. Photography, Ellijay Photographer  Oh what fun we had on our Gypsy Summer Photoday in the most amazing place you can put yourself... OUTSIDE, in the middle of the woods, surrounded by nature and fun kiddos!   Ellijay, Ga truly is the mecca for outdoor fun and photography!

Photodays like this one make my heart smile.. I hate it for you parents, but absolutely LOVE to hear the kids crying and begging to stay and play with us.  You may think that in just 30 minutes we have a hard time capturing your kids and still have room to play, but we do ~ we live it up & make the time spent together so much fun that they beg to stay..  Little Eris, came back to us for some fun & after her first couple of sessions, she now refers to us as 'her girls'.   As she left, covered in watermelon juices and her curls dripping with fresh creek water, she cried asking to stay and play.. said she wasn't done camping yet!  Her mom later wrote and said as they drove off she was saying "I want to go back and play with my girls".  Kids like Eris are what grab our hearts and connect us with our clients.  It's more than just shooting a few images here and there and turning you loose, we truly care and enjoy our time with you all.  Thanks for the laughter and memories, Eris... 'your girls' can't wait till the next time! 

southerngrace-0370southerngrace-0370 southerngrace-0419southerngrace-0419Southern Grace Photography Ellijay Ga. Out takes and behind the scenes ~ children Photographer














southerngrace-9915southerngrace-9915 southerngrace-9868southerngrace-9868

Tho Casey and I have known this family for years, we have yet to work with them until this photo day. And boy were we lucky to have them choose us ~ Tabitha is amazing in front of the camera and I have waited for the day to get to photograph her ~ just love her natural beauty and her personality is just as amazing.  With a fun lovin' mom comes fun AMAZING Pics ~ she totally let us have our way with her crew & even came equipped with undies & cape for her little super hero!  This my friends is what a real life BOY looks like & we were thrilled she let us do away with the uncomfortable clothes and let him be a KID.  To us, that is what our images are about ~ LIFE, at it's truest & that is in the end the moments that will be remembered most when the kiddos have grown.  So thanks, Tab for letting us take a peek into your life and capture it at it truest.  We welcome you and your crew to The Southern Grace Family, with many more adventures to come!


  We finished our day up with sweet lil Zane!  I absolutely loved seeing this family's name pop up on our schedule!!!!  The chosen location for this shoot was also the location used when I photographed Zane for the very first time, he was inside the womb and gave his mother a radiant glow that came alive when she stepped in the creek... it was so awesome to see the growth of their family as they brought their new little Baby Boy, Jack and we were able to capture the precious family of four!  Thanks Candi for allowing me to capture your munchins & for all the fun sessions we've had since our first day at the creek.  Your family is amazing and truly loved by us Southern Gals.



If you are wanting in on our next Gypsy day line up ~ click here for booking :) 

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Okay guys ~ We had to postpone this photo day due to a chance of rain, but we have rescheduled our Gypsy Summer Photoday for July 19th! We still have a few available time slots! Scroll on down for details and booking information! Send me any questions you have that are not answered in our FAQ section at the bottom of the page to All photos on this post are from our first photo day with the airstream, and oh my goodness, they turned out so cute!


Pricing and details:

Coverage time: 30 minutes of shooting time, during this time we will be working quickly to get the most images, but not so quickly that we miss details.  We have shot the majority of our photo days in 15 minute slots and always get great images from the coverage time, but we have decided to up the coverage time so that we aren't so rushed and can really interact with each family. What I am trying to say is.. if you have a hard to photograph child or numerous kiddos ~ don't worry we will have plenty of time to get ya covered as it aint our first rodeo and we alway work it so that our clients are more than happy with the results!   We do ask that you are on time and ready for us to start on time so that our day doesn't run behind & so that you don't miss coverage time. 


$200 total for photographer's time and talent, set up and disc of 15-25 edited images ready for printing. Payment will be split into two payments, $50 is due to book your appointment and can be paid below by clicking 'buy now' button.  The remaining $150 will be due at time of session, in form of cash or check.  Please note, when purchasing our disc you are able to print images at local printing labs, or online labs, you are able to copy disc and give to family or friends, you may also share images online, on social media sites, etc.  we do require photo credit to be given to Southern Grace Photography and for no reason should the images be altered.. example:  when uploading to Instagram ~ please DO NOT apply a photo filter to our images as it represents our work and should not be altered in any way.  


**PLEASE NOTE** We will no longer be allowing multiple families to share a single photo day session. We have limited time during these sessions, and it is too much to try and squeeze multiple groups in. If you are needing multiple family photos, please book 2 time slots, or e-mail me for information on booking a private 1 hour session. Sorry for any inconvenience! Thanks for understanding! 

southerngrace-9915southerngrace-9915 southerngrace-9868southerngrace-9868

Below the time line I have listed some frequently asked questions (like what to wear) and answers to those, please refer to those before contacting us.  

11:00 Sam Callihan (pd)

11:30 Lottie Davenport (pd)


12:30 Mistill Langston (pd)

1:00 BREAK

1:30 Lacey Meyer (senior pd)

2:00 Lacey Meyer

2:30 Lacey Meyer

3:00 Lacey Meyer

3:30 Staci Causby (pd)

4:00 Christy Wright

4:30 BREAK


5:30 NG (pd)


Time requested:
Cell Phone number


How do I book a slot?  Pay your deposit above and make sure to include your cell phone number, requested time slot~ each area will have a place to type info on payment button above.  With time requests, we will put you as close to the requested time as possible.  If the time is already booked we will put you in next available slot, if that doesn't work for you, please let us know asap so we can fill the spot and we will refund your payment or try and move things around.  In the event we book in full and you have paid, we will refund your payment or try to open a slot up for you.  Please note that the blog line up is updated manually and your name will be added as soon as possible.  

I paid but I don't see my name on list?  The blog is updated manually and your name will be added as soon as we return to the office. 

What if it rains?  It aint going to.... but for those of you who need a plan at all times, we will refund your payment in full and try to reschedule the day in which you will be able to book again.  In the event of rain we will start to call in order of line up (this is why entering cell number is so important). We do ask that before preparing for the day, please check the blog to see if we have posted anything.. we will first post updates to the blog in event of inclement weather.  

What do we wear?  We suggest anything vintage inspired ~For this set I would highly suggest the women go with Lace & buttery creams or pale colors, Lace Lace and more Lace! You can then match the rest of the family off of that ~ suggestions would be boys in jeans bare feet, and simple linen style button up, with sleeves rolled.. or a vintage looking vest, or tie... (when I say tie or vest, I am not suggesting dressy attire, but more of a vintage feel)  If the shoot is just for little girls, we love Matilda Jane Clothing & parents and siblings can match to the little girl's outfit.  We love patterns when done right ~ make sure that when using stripes or plaid you don't make the patterns fight each other.. meaning if Dad has on horizontal stripes don't put your son in vertical stripes ;)   I will list some clothing boutiques that we love for the kiddos and as for women ~ If the Loving Bull, Mountain Treasures, or Lavish, Gun Powder and Lace (local boutiques) has it, we will love it!

How early do we arrive?  If you appointment is down for 11:30 then please arrive at 11:15, so that you can get unloaded and be ready for your session as soon as I finish the client before you.. please do not be rolling in at 11:30 as it will take off from our shooting time.  Each client will be photographed at their time slot and if you are late then you will loose time as we will have client or needed break directly following your session.  

How long will it be before we get our disc?  We ask for 4-6 weeks of editing time during this time of year, this allows for proper editing to be done to each image.  We normally knock them out well before this time frame (sometimes as soon as 1 week later but do ask for proper work time on images.) 

Where do we pick our disc up from?  We can mail your disc if we know in advance, otherwise all discs are left in our drop box located at our studio in Ellijay.  Studio address is 572 Maddox Drive Suite 220 Ellijay Ga. 30540 and lock box is outside our door.  Code to open box will be given to you upon completion of your disc. 

If I have a question, who do I call?  Call Casey at the studio she is there on Monday, Wednesday, & Friday.   Please do leave us a message if you call when we are out & we will call you back.  Studio number is 706-635-3335  Please save this number and contact us through this number as my cell phone is no longer the way to contact us (want to have a personal phone/life again lol) Casey can also be emailed at 


Thanks y'all ~ we simply CAN NOT WAIT for this photo day to happen!  

XOXOXO, Nichol & Casey 




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Baseball/Softball Shirt PRE-ORDER ONLY baseballbaseball IMG_9309IMG_9309 PRE-ORDER Baseball or Softball Shirts!  $24.00  

When purchasing, please make sure to chose between Baseball or Softball ~ we also added an option to not have the "MOM" wording at all, so if you choose this option it will say "Queen of the Diamond" and the baseball or softball will be below with crown. Please chose between baseball or softball even if you don't do the words.   

We will not be doing the same style as shown in left photo ~ the shirt cut and style will actually be the one to the right.  The T will be heather grey as shown in the right image ~ as most of the moms last year found the 3/4 length shirt to be too hot for summer games.  



The fit is Women's cut ~ but does fit a bit snug.. In the right image I am wearing a large.  Medium fits very snug and is normally what I wear ~ so go up a size unless you want it very fitted. 


Please submit payment below~ when shirts are complete and ready I will post to fb and here on the blog for pick up info :) Thanks ya'll!



Choose Size
Choose Shirt design
]]> (Southern Grace Photography by Nichol) Tue, 15 Apr 2014 15:06:53 GMT
Directions for March 15 & 29th Spring Photoday  


Due to forecast, we will be rescheduling tomorrow's photo day :( Last I looked we had a 90% chance of rain.. so the odds are against us this week.  We talked with the truck owners and will be good to reschedule for April 5th (next Saturday) Please send me a quick text at 706 889 2425 letting me know you have seen the reset date & also let me know if the same time will work for you.  If it doesn't work, we can refund your deposit in full but will not be able to shoot this set except for April 5th.  If you can't make this rescheduled date & want to apply your deposit toward another upcoming photo day, we will apply it towards future date.  We currently do not know the exact dates for future photo days, but will update as soon as we have them locked in.  Thanks for understanding and for booking with Southern Grace Photography!  


To map quest the location, please plug in  813 Turniptown Road Ellijay Ga, 30540 and you will be driving just past this address and we'll be on the left.  If you can make it to this address then there is no way you will miss us.   Please note: we are shooting in a field area so there isn't an actual land mark or drive way, please pull off of road way completely.. you will see a cleared out area but do keep in mind there will be 2 to 3 cars parked in this area at one time, so please leave room for others, while being able to exit without being blocked in. 


While we are only showing a 10% chance of rain for this saturday, I will go ahead and add this in here ~~  Check the blog prior to getting ready on Saturday, if we cancel due to weather, it will be posted here!  We will also do our calling but it does take a while to get down the list and you may already have went through the hassle of getting ready ~ so please take a quick second to double check :)   While texting me is completely fine, I will let ya know that with prior prep and set up.. I will be a busy bee & won't be able to return all text directly & once sessions begin, it is almost impossible to text or answer my phone.  If it is urgent and you cannot reach me first at 706-889-2425, please contact Casey at 706-889-0193. Thank y'all for understanding! We are SO excited to see everyone's smiling faces and capture your beautiful families! :)


Much Love ~ Nichol & Casey 


]]> (Southern Grace Photography by Nichol) Fri, 14 Mar 2014 05:31:09 GMT
Spring Photoday March 15th & 29th  


It's about that time again... Spring is just around the corner & we are itching to get outdoors and shoot!  We always have a blast with Spring Photodays after being cooped up all winter long.  On March 15th & 29th we will be setting up at a beautiful outdoor location with a beyond cute pale yellow vintage truck..  It's been a while since we brought out a vintage truck so what better way to start out 2014!  Want to get even more excited about these days ~ We have NEW EQUIPMENT that we are so excited to use!  New Lens, new reflectors, new photoshop editor & other new toys to up our photography to the next level.

With this photo day, you will get 20 minutes of coverage time with Nichol Colwell on location. Disc with 10-20 fully retouched images (retouched is an understatement.. with our new software, these images will be the start to the most amazing editing we've done)  We will have amazing props for a nice Spring set.  Our location will have beautiful tall golden/yellow color dry grass (that has a glow when the light hits it right), wooded background, and the truck as shown in the blog banner.  We will have random small props also to add a few different looks for ya, but just like the year before last, we are going for less is more & aim to capture you and your family as our main focus rather than tons of props.  

Please submit your deposit below to hold you slot.  Without deposit we will not be holding appointment times, as space is limited and deposit must be made in advance.  Keep in mind, we update the list manually, so when you make deposit you will not automatically see your name on the list.. we go in daily and update.  If you choose 3pm for your session and someone has paid for the same time, we will put whoever paid first & move 2nd paying client to closest open slot available.  Deposits are non-refundable unless inclement weather or cancellation due to photographer.  

Directions to location will be post here on March 11th.



IF YOU ARE BOOKING FOR MARCH 29TH, PLEASE SCROLL ON DOWN FOR LINE UP & PAYMENT OPTION.  Please choose your time slot and we will add you to closest available time.  

If you choose to pay in full $5 is added to total to cover paypal fees. 


Pay deposit or pay in full
Choose your time slot
Additional time slots 5:40 & later


1:00 Sandi Denson

1:20 Tammy Stewart

2:20 Amanda Moore

2:40 Crystal Landrum

3:00 Pam Weaver

3:20 Pam Weaver

3:40 NG.

4:00 NG. Paid in full

4:20 BREAK

4:40 BREAK

5:00 Mary Klienburg

5:20 Whitney Wheat

5:40 Alicia Garrett

6:40 Alicia Cox




Pay deposit or pay in full
Choose your time slot
Additional time slots 5:40 & later


12:20 Corey Foster & Family

12:40 Audra Warner

1:00 Puttnam Family

1:20 Monica Cody

1:40 Kim Condella 

2:00 BREAK

2:20 Nicole Roob

2:40 Beth Daniel

3:00 Sarah Marsh

3:20 Hali Roper

3:40 Heather Goss

4:00 Heather Goss

4:20 BREAK

4:40 BREAK

5:00 Ozment Pd in Full

5:20 Joy Katzka Pd in Full

5:40 Krystal Hemphill

6:00 Jenn Jones

6:20 Amber Cardd




]]> (Southern Grace Photography by Nichol) Wed, 05 Mar 2014 14:26:38 GMT
Glam It UP Valentine's Day Shoot!   <--------------Click here for the video directions of where to go and what to expect when you arrive tomorrow & Tuesday!   address is 572 Maddox Drive Suite 209 East Ellijay 




The session will include professional makeup artist, Holly Chastain on site to make you into a true rock star!!  And when I say she is the best ~ she is really THE BEST!!!!!  Shooting time will be for 30 minutes of coverage.  We will be set up in Ellijay with professional lighting and backdrops/sets.  Directions to the shoot can be found by map questing the address & more details can be found by watching the video link above. 

Okay before you talk yourself out of this or incase the image of the high heels I bought for this shoot scare you to death... please keep in mind, I have had children, I have been that stay at home mom that says "oh gosh this isn't me.."  or "Oh well I can't do that because I need to loose weight" or "I will do this next year when I loose 15 or more pounds" or "my hubby would love this, but I'm too shy" or "those girls shooting this.. I don't even know them & I have to get in my undies!!!!!"   I know all those stories and more than just hearing them I know how it feels ~ Every woman is self conscious and I don't care if you are a perfect 10 in everyone else's book ~ you have a flaw and you have something you wish was different about yourself ~ why, I don't know... but here is a perfect example: my step daughter is only 10 years old and has straight hair and wants a perm.. if her hair were curly she'd want a straighter put on it. She is beautiful just as she is :)

southerngracesoutherngrace southerngrace-6southerngrace-6










Well I'll go further to let ya know that I understand & to rest you assure that I too have had many things I have been uncomfortable about with my body & until meeting my hubby I hid them.. he made me see myself the way he sees me~ instead of just not saying anything about my hangups, he reassured me & my flaws & helped me to embrace them.  He knew I hated to lay on my side because my belly was yucky like that ~ well not only did he get it so that I sleep on my side but he holds my belly while we sleep ;) There are so many other lil hang ups I had & yep~ too much info but I feel it was needed... simply to explain that when you have that person in your life that loves you, they LOVE YOU for YOU!   Some men don't know how to express this the way my hubby has but I do know if you are reading this then you wanna see your hubby's eyes get huge when he sees that his wife does still have it going on!   If there is one thing I can say is my crew and I can rock out some photo days ~ add in the best makeup artist around and we will have a town full of happy hubby's!!!  I have never had a woman unhappy with her valentine pics & normally have each one of the girls returning the next year & often will have the husband thank me during their family session for such an awesome gift.. so give him what he loves... YOU!! So, when you come to get your beyond hot pics made for your feller ~ know that I don't care if you have stretch marks in certain places you don't want them.. We'll airbrush them outta there & you'll never know they were there & you'll see that I too have stretch marks :/   If you have some weird birth mark ~ cool, we can photoshop that or leave it ~ your call!  We just want to have fun & make you feel beautiful, and each and everyone of you all truly are!  I guess the one main thing I want anyone who has not done this but wants to or is thinking of it ~ YOU NEED TO, your hubby loves you and with our makeup artist, my photography skills and Casey's mad editing/airbrushing skills you will look like you fell out of a magazine!  


PRIVACY :  YOU GOT IT!  When you book with us, we will list the time line up by first name only & if there is more than one 'Nichol' for example, we will do Nichol C and Nichol T on list.  If you only want initials posted that too is fine.  When pics are finished we lock each album with your personal chosen password and will not post or show images to ANYONE~ I don't care if it's your best friend or sister.. you will have to give her the password ;)  If you are a public figure in our small town and want to arrive before anyone else is likely to show up or see you there, then call us.... this aint our first rodeo & we're here to work for you :)

CLOTHING or the lack there of:   Normally we say we're gonna keep it very clean, but we have had tons of requests for the RISKAAAAY pics and our backgrounds will allow for any style you want ~so do what you are comfy with as for attire, but do push your limits a little so the hubby is getting images of not his normal house-wife woman ;)  We will have material that matches the drops and other items to use on you ~ so really all you need it black or white/cream panties but if you have corsets or nighties and want to bring them that is fine too.   Please keep in mind, sometimes less is more~ meaning, if you bring tons of stuff to put on and you spend 5 minutes changing per outfit then half of your session was spent changing instead of shooting.. we found the past saturday that the girls who didn't bring tons of changes and we were able to flop around our items on them, we were then able to shoot more and capture more images in the allotted time.  So my opinion is to have one nighty you know you love and then have black & white/cream panties and that's it ~ if you want to bring black, white/cream, red, funky colored heels and knee highs or something like that it'd be great!  If you are up for anything ~ then bring it on... Black Corsets with shimmers of silver or gold is our top suggestion ~ some girls are wearing fishnet attire so whatever your comfort level is, go with that ~ we will make ya look amazing in the style that fits your choice in attire & then we'll also use our style to mix it all up for great selection of images!   Remember ~ PLEASE BE ON TIME, PLEASE CHANGE FAST & KNOW THAT THE FASTER YOU ARE ABLE TO CHANGE AND GET ON SET THE MORE IMAGES AND POSES WE WILL GET WITH YA. :) 

PRICING:   $135.00 ($35.00 deposit due now to book your spot & $100 balance due at time of session) For this price you will receive the session time with Nichol, professional makeup artist, Holly Chastain, we will help with clothing choices and we will have extra clothing items & heels/boots on hand to look through, a beyond amazing set up and props.  Locked private online gallery to directly download your high resolution files for printing & discounted pricing of direct print ordering from gallery ~ this option will allow you to order at printing lab costs. Example: the lab charges me $1.00 for 5x7 image you will be able to order 5x7 print for $1.00 or you can download your images and upload them to lab of your choice or print them at walmart should you choose...  southerngrace-5southerngrace-5

Make your deposit below & enter you time choice we will put you as close to that time as we can ~ we go with first come first serve so if someone pays before you & requests that time slot then we must put them down and move you to the next available.   southerngrace-4southerngrace-4

Please note:  Makeup will take 45 minutes prior to your session starting time so please arrive 1 hour prior to your session with NO MAKEUP on your face :) I will add more details to this area this evening..  and no need to bring your makeup ~ Holly is locked and loaded & has everything she needs to make ya fabulous!


Request your time slot:
cell phone number
How you want your name listed




Please note~ the time listed below is your photographing time, you will need to arrive 1 hour before time listed.. 

Feb 4th TUESDAY NIGHT line up:


4:30 Jenn

5:15 BLS Deposit paid on pp

6:00 Marcia

6:45  P.R. Paid Deposit on PP

7:30 J.E. Paid deposit on PP

8:15 Kathy B Paid Deposit on PP

9:00 Morgan Paid Deposit on PP

10:00 M.G Paid Deposit on PP

10:45 Mindy P. 



  We will add more pics as we get permission from the prior clients but here are some from our past shoots ~ keep in mind we didn't have professional makeup in any of theses shoots ~ so this year will be even better than these!!!  The makeup matters & you guys will see why when we complete your images ;) Check back for more images soon!

happy-1779_pp.jpghappy-1779_pp.jpg preview-14.jpgpreview-14.jpg



southern grace-8southern grace-8

Glamour editGlamour edit southerngrace-5695southerngrace-5695

]]> (Southern Grace Photography by Nichol) Fri, 17 Jan 2014 22:41:43 GMT
Winter Photoday 2013 Dates with 2nd shooter, Taylor Brooks As most of you know, Nichol is booked solid for the year of 2013 ~ and during the busy time she has been able to teach her right hand (wo)man everything she knows and rely on her fully more than many of you realize.  Over the last year Taylor has photographed a wedding as the main and only shooter, Graduation party, Candid Wedding Coverage at countless weddings as second shooter, Birthday Party, and numerous family sessions.  While Taylor does not have the experience that Nichol has, she still does an amazing job capturing the day and memories as they come.  With Taylor helping Nichol over the past 4 years she has been able to watch posing of family and children and has experienced the kind of children interaction to achieve the poses you all love yet the realness of YOU..  One thing we do want you to know is that Southern Grace Photography is a small town business and we wouldn't have Miss Taylor represent our name if she wasn't ready to.  We take our work seriously and will provide amazing results that not only you love, but that we can be proud of putting our name on.  So congrats, Tay ~ here's the next step gal ~~~ Photodays! 


All images on this post where photographed by Taylor Brooks of Southern Grace Photography 2013

On November 24th (Sunday) Taylor and Casey will host the Rustic Christmas theme Photoday.  All the decor and props are new props we have collected just for these photodays... will post pic of the couch asap.

We will have a velour ~deep Red Couch and are planning on old barn wood background with rustic inspired wreath, & rustic touches that you guys will love.. Color Scheme is Deep Red, browns, and tans, natural colors...  and as always ~ it will be amazing yet always hard to describe in words....we just as ya to trust us, we always rock the photodays out & never skimp!  We'll have this one over the top too :) 



















$75.00 includes session time of 30 minutes and images edited and uploaded to online gallery for client to download.  Just like with Santa Sessions, we will not be creating disc of images for these session ~ this insures that our turn around time can be prompt.  Images will be for download only, should you not know how to download images we can walk you through the process with ease.  




Please submit your deposit below through paypal in the amount of $25.00 to insure your spot.  The Balance of $50.00 will be due at the time of your session, upon arrival Casey will collect your payment  (cash or check only) and check you in to your slot.

Please note to any appointments that are being held : the deposit will need to be paid within 24 hours of this post releasing or the appointment will be opened back up for public booking.  

If you have any questions or concerns please Email Leann at rather than contacting Nichol directly.  The schedule posted below is manually updated so check back periodically to see which spot is yours after making your deposit via paypal.


Directions to location will be emailed out by the friday prior to your shoot. 

November 24th (Sunday) ~ Photographer: Taylor Brooks   Assistant/Lighting:  Casey Creamer 

12:00 Amanda DeBoard (pd. in Full)

12:30 Vickie Stover pd.

1:00 Wendy Jones pd.

1:30 Mindy Womack pd.

2:00 Sherry Hulsey pd.

2:30 Paige Reid pd.

3:00 Rachel Starks pd.

3:30 Candy Davis pd.

4:00 Lea Kanakaris pd.


December 1, 2013 (Sunday)  Photographer Taylor Brooks and assistant/lighting: Casey Creamer

Same props and details as the 24th, but may change the location up a bit.. not decided yet on location for this date, but will be in Ellijay with same red couch as the main prop.... you guys will LOVE the couch!  Directions will be emailed out by the friday prior to your shoot. 

10:30 Alicia Garrett pd.

11:00 Kayla Watkins pd.

11:30 Erin Low

12:00-12:30 Lunch

12:30 Kara Purvis pd.

1:00 Shay Lykins pd.

1:30 Leia Hughes pd.

2:00 Katie Mayfield

2:30 Jill Abercrombie pd.

3:00 Rachel Dyer Pd.

3:30 Ronald & Tonya Colwell pd.

4:00 Sissy Farrist pd.


December 7 (Saturday) Photographer: Taylor Brooks and assistant/lighting: Casey Creamer

 Same Props and details as the 24th & 1st but again location may be different than the first two days, all directions will be emailed by the friday prior to the shoot. 


10:30 Gary

11:00 Claudia Morelos pd.

11:30 April Copeland pd.

12:00- Rebecca Rosas

12:30-1:00 Lunch 

1:00  Lynn Grizzle pd.

1:30 Kim Beal pd.

2:00 Nilofer Dowden pd.

2:30 Caroline Bryant pd.

3:00 Puttnam Family Pd.

3:30 Julie Sandford pd.

4:00 Stephanie Burnett & Family Pd.


December 8th Rustic Christmas Line up:

10:30 Alicia Garrett pd

11:00 Reagan Griggs

11:30 Julie Pritchett

12:00-12:30 Natasha White

12:30-1:00 Lunch


1:30 April Smith

2:00 Brenda Starks

2:30 Cheryl Tenney

3:00 Leah Kanakaris


4:00 Sam Callihan

Which Date would you like
what time ~ if it is available still
please enter phone number
number of people to photograph



]]> (Southern Grace Photography by Nichol) Wed, 20 Nov 2013 02:50:52 GMT
Santa is coming to THE SOUTH on November 16th & 17th!!! Santa's Coming to town!!!!!    


Southern Grace doesn't just have any ole' imposter ~ we have THE TRUE BLUE SANTA CLAUS! 

southern grace Santa-7571


We don't just plop your child in Santa's lap, take your money and rush you on your way so that the next kid in line can have a photo made with the Jolly fella...  We actually stir the magic in the hearts of your child, Santa has a busy lil schedule this time of year.. but not when it comes to Southern Grace Photography.  Because we at Southern Grace know how to have fun & laugh the day away, so the plump & Jolly ole' Santa LOVES hanging with us all day long and has reserved November 16th & 17th just for us to make memories with your cute kiddos.  So, bring on the "Dear Santa" letters, the homemade backed cookies, and smiles so big they make your cheeks hurt!  We are ready for this year's most sought after day to begin!  The waiting list is a long one---------> so act fast.. it's first come first serve!   For those who were photographed with Santa last year with Southern Grace, we remember you & are glad you are back!  To show just how glad we are to have you back... we are knocking off $15 from your fees... so please deduct this amount from your balance :)  We will continue this each and every year so those who didn't get in last year, your reward will come next year when we see you again.  This year we will be doing things a bit different and will have images ready for download instead of disc of images ~ this will allow for prompt access to your images and will make our turn around time SUPER FAST!  Images will be edited in order of date taken.  Read below for more info on turn around times. 

southern grace-8296


 The rest of details as for the set up are a big ole' surprise but I do know the Elf on Shelf will be paying us a visit and hiding again among the set :) 


Again, this year we will have vintage truck with the bed filled 

full of Christmas goodies~ we loved seeing how after a couple years of truck theme the images compliment each other and will make a great mantel piece and capture your kiddos year after year on different colored vintage truck with Santa.  This year we are trying for Red truck, but haven't set it all in stone just yet.  Just know it'll be bright and colorful and will be just as amazing as the prior year's sets.




Photoday Details:
15 minute session with Santa & photographed by Nichol Colwell on November 16 & 17, 2012   $160.00 includes session time and download of images (between 15-30 images). Payment will be split into two payments:  One payment of $60.00 is due directly upon booking spot, the final payment of $100.00 is due upon session time in the form of cash or check. (if you are return Santa Client, your balance will be $85.00)  If you should wish to pay in advance with credit card online you will need to email Leann or call us at 706 - 635-GALS to make your payment.  If no answer, please leave a detailed message and Leann will get back to you when she returns to office.
 We will not be able to design cards from Santa Photodays as our editing time will not allow. 
   Images will be edited in full and ready to DOWNLOAD via website by November 30th.... we are aiming to have them complete by November 23rd, but no promises ~ we do promise the 30th though.   Prints as large as poster prints or as small as wallets can be made from images.  We will provide printing lab info for professional grade prints at consumer pricing for all your printing needs.  This info and link will be emailed to you the week prior to the shoot.
  If for any reason you are not able to keep your appointment slot you may sell it to a friend or family member but we will not be able to refund your deposit as we will be paying out for the time your session is reserved.  So Deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE for any reason other than weather conditions or photographer's cancellations, in which your payment would be refunded in full.  If you are able to contact us 4 days prior to session we can transfer your deposit toward another date. 
Please make sure to provide  cell phone number when paying for session.  To book please click buy now button below and submit your $60.00 payment or call Leann at 706 -635- GALS
Time/Date preference
Cell phone number

**If we are holding an appointment slot for you, please note that your slot can only be held until November 1 we will open all reserved unpaid spots at 8:00 am on November 1, 2013.  

southern grace-2-2  Check out the prior years pics to view the wrapped gifts and decorations to give you guys an idea of the colors ~ but it'll be pretty much the same funky colors as prior years, just completely new stuff :) 


southern grace-8364southern grace-8364 southern grace-6235southern grace-6235 southerngrace-6359southerngrace-6359 southerngrace-2-3southerngrace-2-3 southern Grace-5724southern Grace-5724
















Time Line Up November 16, 2013

10:00 - Denise Hoek

10:15 - Kim Smith

10:30 - Amanda Moore

10:45 - Tonya Turner

11:00 - Monica Deaver

11:15 - Peggy Callaway

11:30 Break

11:45 - Kelly Prather

12:00 - Brandi Pilgrim

12:15 - Holly Barr

12:30 - Melanie Williams

12:45 - Dana Penland

1:00 -2:00 LUNCH

2:00 - Crystal Landrum

2:15 - Mary Klienburg

2:30 - Kevin Teague

2:45 - Zeena Gary

3:00 - Mary Colwell

3:15 - Sonya Richards

3:30 Break 

3:45 - Haley Dyer

4:00 - Lacey Garland

4:15 - Sandi Denson

4:30 - Krystal Hemphill


To book up Sunday we have to make appointments back to back, without holes ~ so we will book you where you have requested if available, but please understand if we book you for 11:00 and we do not have another appointment til 12:45, we will have to move your appointment time to 12:30.  We will contact you should this happen, but we will not be able to set up and pay out for santa and our elves to be on set if we aren't booked in full.  We will also offer refund should you not be able to make the adjusted time.  Let's get MERRY & book it in full!!!! In the event of rain, your payment will be refunded in full & we will call you at number you provided during payment process.  Tho... it aint gonna RAIN>>> more of a chance of it not, than of it rainin'. :) 

Time Line: Sunday November 17, 2013

11:00 - Tera Phillips

11:15 - Kevin Thurman

11:30 - Callihan

11:45 -Mackenzie Gaddis

12:00 Tara Miller

12:15 - Linda Puryear

12:30 - Colwell

12:45 Angela Schneider 

1:00 -2:00 LUNCH

2:00 Mistil Langston

2:15 - Sheryl F.

2:30 - Erica Fox

2:45 - Katherine Logan

3:00 - June Burnett

3:15 - Janna Adkins

3:30 -Glover

3:45 - Kevin Dover

4:00 - Knight


We have talked with Santa and the dates listed above will be our only days we are able to host Santa Photos on... We removed Friday from the line up as there weren't enough clients able to attend.  We were planning on December 21st but Santa has other little boys and girls to visit on this day.  Pink Pig Santa Day is unavailable this year.. so sorry that we aren't able to host this date any longer, with schedule of Southern Grace Photography, Santa and Pink Pig we weren't able to make it work.   Thanks in advance for understanding!



southern Grace-7853


]]> (Southern Grace Photography by Nichol) Blue Ridge Children Christmas Ellijay Family Family Photos Jasper Nichol Colwell Santa babies baby children ellijay funky ga. georgia holiday images kids newborn north north ga outside photoday photographer photography photos pics portraits posing professional session Wed, 30 Oct 2013 18:35:37 GMT
HO HO HOliday Update! Santa is coming to Town!


Just wanted to let ya'll know, I have talked to Santa and he is definitely coming to town on November 15th and 16th.  There is a possibility of him stopping by on December 21st.  **PRICING AND MORE DETAILS TO COME SOON!**  Mark your calendars! southerngrace-7119southerngrace-7119






If you would like us to hold you a spot please email us at  Once pricing and details are available on the blog you will have 24 hours to get in your deposit and secure you spot.








]]> (Southern Grace Photography by Nichol) Fri, 04 Oct 2013 02:11:39 GMT
Our one and only FALL Photo Day October 5, 2013 The Crisp Mornings are here ~ what does that mean... FALL!!!  My favorite time of year.  

We will be set up at an old home place, with amazing Rock chimney, old wooden porch, cute wooden fence & small corn crib in background.  We will also have our vintage golden couch set up and ready for your family.. we'll bring the deep red Flowering TV back out from a few years ago & have our vintage fall/neutral set for you guys ~ the colors we will be using will work with pretty much any fall attire you desire.  Below are a few sample pics from the vintage Fall set we did in past ~ We will not have the same couch as in photos, and pillows/props will vary...please just refer to the colors & feel of the set up as an example ~ we do plan on it being amazing though we want to keep it different from our past sets.  The investment of $200 includes your session ~ which will be for upto 30 minutes coverage time with Nichol Colwell and will also include your disc of images as shown in your online gallery. (normally between 30-50 images)  Images will be edited and ready for printing & free of watermark.  We are striving for prompt turn around time and plan to have images edited and back to you on disc within 1.5 - 2 weeks of session date.  So bring your family out this Saturday and let's have some fun and make some memories ~ these will be perfect for Christmas Cards and Christmas Gifts. 

  Southern Grace-2Southern Grace-2

This year we are limited on weekends due to the high number of weddings we are booked for & due to all the rain we had during the summer so we have this date reserved for Fall Session & is our one and only Fall Photoday, so grab you a spot while you can ~ We are going to be set up about 10 minutes from town on Hwy 52 West ~Chatsworth Hwy (will post exact directions tomorrow morning, Friday)   Our next photoday will be with Santa & we are booked up for private sessions, so please grab your spot now & have that family captured!   I can't stress enough ~ this is our last chance for Fall Pics if you aren't already on our calendar. Southern Grace-9895Southern Grace-9895

3 Payments will be made for this Photoday, below you can pay your deposit of $50 to hold your spot & once you arrive to location you will pay the next payment of $100 and the final balance of $50 will be due to pick up disc.  If you rather not pay online, please feel free to drop a check by the store.   We have a new business phone at the store so please call or email us with any questions.  

Email: 706-635-GALS(4257)


Morning Appointments

10:00     Julie Kiker-Hester

10:30     Amanda Moore

11:00 Jen Hall

11:30 Jennie Ayers

12:00    Brooklyn Logan



Afternoon Appointments

2:30     Amanda Cifuentes

3:00     Makeesah Dale




5:00     Molly Parks



$50.00 deposit can be paid below: 

Enter Cell Phone Number
Request Appointment Time



Our Beautiful Britton modeling the Vintage ~ Fall Couch, which we named Molly.   It's gonna be perfect for Fall!!


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Senior Photoday September 13, 2013 Senior Day is here!  This year we will be set up in Ellijay at a gorgeous location.  We will post directions tomorrow, so check back to blog & please check prior to session incase of rain.  

We will be using a natural setting with a new cool couch.  The colors of couch are goldish brown, and will work with any colors really.  We do have a super cute set up with bright colors for the girls (example pics below of colors). 




We will load the truck down with random chairs and other goodies!  We'll have something to work for everyone!  Please bring several different outfit changes we may not use all of them, but would like to have maybe 5 different choices ~ girls please wear something under your shirt, like a bandeau so that changing can be made quick and easily.. resulting in more images and possibilities.  I don't mind how often you want to change, this is your session and we want to get images that will display you at your best, but please understand we are working on time frame and we want to have you in front of the camera majority of our time with you.   Ideas for things to bring.. anything school related or anything that is special to you & will remind you of this special time in your life (ring, jacket, cap/grown, your car/truck, picture of your boyfriend, girls ~bring your diary, cell phone, football jersey, or any sports related items that we may be able to use).  

Deposit of $50 is due in advance to hold your session, balance of $175.00 will be due at time of session. This will include one hour of coverage and time and talent of photographer. Once your session is complete your images will be looked at individually and edited as photographer sees fit.  We will touch up blemishes as seen fit, but will not photoshop images so much that subject looks plastic or image looks fake... we want you to look like YOU.   Each gallery will contain between 30-60 images that will be put to disc and can be printed as you wish.  We will also provide professional printing lab at consumer costs. 

For the extensive editing package there will be an additional fee of $25 for words to be added to 5 images (example: Britton Farlow Class of 2013 or Senior 2013) The images will be selected by the photographer as the best fit for wording to be added.  

3:00 Cole Ingram

4:00 Tanner Reece

5:00 Britton Farlow Pd. 

6:00 Olivia Plourde 



please enter cell number

 Thanks for booking with us & having patience while you guys wait for the details ~ ya'll are amazing!  Now, let's have some fun!!!

]]> (Southern Grace Photography by Nichol) Blue Ridge Children Ellijay Family Family Photos Jasper Nichol Colwell Spring Photos airstream babies baby boho camping children ellijay funky ga. georgia gypsy high hippie images kids newborn north north ga outside photoday photographer photography photos pics portraits posing professional school senior session Wed, 11 Sep 2013 17:00:20 GMT
Pre-order The Southern Gals shirts: Pre-Order Sale get it now to save money and to insure we aren't sold out!  We plan to have a huge stock of shirts in the new Southern Gals Shop but they will go fast and this is the only 100% way that we know we'll have them in for ya :)  All orders can be picked up at the store as soon as shirts are in stock ~ we are thinking it'll be around 2 weeks for these few designs, and we will be adding more very often so keep your eyes peeled :) 

 Fits true to size, order what you normally would wear & you can try them on when they arrive at the shop ~ we'll swap it for correct size if it doesn't work for ya... we'll have plenty of extras to stock shelves with that we can exchange for.. so purchase with confidence, knowing we'll make sure it fits you perfectly :)

$20 (Preorder price) XS-XL 

$22 (Preorder price) XXL - XXXL


GOOD GIRL Women's cut Shirt ~ Heather Grey with Cream Print

Good Girl Shirt


GooD HeArted WoMan Women's cut shirt ~ Black with White print



BACKROADS AND BOILED PEANUTS Women's Cut ~ Black Shirt with White printing

Back roads and boiled peanuts shirt

Choose Size
Choose Shirt design



Below are two sneak peeks at things coming soon!  Will be adding these items and many more to presell list as soon as we can!    We are currently working toward more and more designs so please do check back soon!  

SOUTHERN Shirt/Words down the back







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Creek Photoday August 3, 2013 Who's ready to get their toes wet & make some memories?!?!  Let's have some fun now that the weather is pretty with a Creek Photoday!  We've been waiting since early June to get in the creek & here's our chance!  This will be our last summer style photoday, as the fall months will be upon us quickly & we'll be preparing for the new store to open, Fall Set ups, Christmas cards & Santa Photodays.... so come out and soak up the sun Southern Grace Style! 


Last year's creek day was super cute ~ we had a vintage lil boat set up and campground set too!  While this was beyond precious, this year we are going to focus our attention simply on the creek and your family... I am planning to have a cute piece of furniture in the creek for posing (though not sure exactly what it'll be just yet~ still waiting for the perfect piece to scream out at me).  This year's session will be 15 minutes each and will result in 15-20 images per session.  Since we are posting on short notice the price will be reflect for last minute booking.  Your payment will be split into two payments : $20 is due now to book your slot  (scroll down for payment button) and the remaining $100 is due at time of session.  Upon arriving please allow a few extra minutes to sign waiver, get down to water and make payment to my assistant... so arrive a few minutes early please.   With appointment times being 15 minutes (which is plenty of time for me to photograph your family) you must make sure not to be late.. we will have back to back appointments, so if you are 10 minutes late we will only have 5 minutes to work with you guys, so it is beyond important to be on time.  SouthernGrace-9057 southerngrace-7449

If you are bringing young kiddos, please do not stress the children by telling them that they are having their photos made (unless they have worked with us before and are excited to come).  We would prefer you tell your children that they are going to play in the creek with some of your friends and that they will have a fun time helping Mrs. Nichol.  This takes all the "cheese faces" and stress out of your children.  If they are expected to be "good and smile" it'll result with stiffness and they will not enjoy our time together.  I have been photographing for 7 years and have learned along the way how to loosen up the kiddos so we capture the realness in their smiles and we leave them ready for the next session.  If your children don't follow direction well and you are stressed that 15 minutes won't work with them.. just bring them out and let me do my job, it'll be fine so long as the parent doesn't prestress the child :)  I know this is kinda upfront and yes, I'm telling you how to parent ~ but I also know you want awesome images, so I tell you all this info for your own good ;)  And this info goes for the hubby's too ~ I will handle their great love for photographing (insert sarcasm here) we alway end up having fun and the men usually leave us saying how painless it was and that they actually had fun.. so no worries Mama, if you are wanting to capture your sweet lil family ~ just bring them to me & I'll rock it out for ya!

southerngrace-8919 southerngrace-8206


Make sure to bring towels and a carefree heart, because we are gonna have fun!  If you choose not to get completely wet at the end of your session, I won't force you but if you will it'll be the most fun your family has had all summer! 



August 3, 2013 Available Appointment times:

2:00 R. Rosas

2:15 Amanda Pd. In full




3:15 Break







5:00 Julie Wishon



5:45 J. Ayers

6:00 Kelly Prather Pd.


Please enter time selection:
Please enter cell number


We have had a lot of new families come through this summer and have questions as to how everything works... so here is a quick run down on how we work a photo day step by step:


Pay deposit on the blog ($20 in this case) this fee is non-refundable if you should cancel.  Should bad weather roll in, we will reset the date to the following available weekend & in the event you can't make it, we'll refund you in full.  Refunds may take anywhere from 30 to 90 days to be completed and refund will be made in the same form it was paid. 

Once you arrive we will photograph you and your sweetheart, or you and your family, or just the kiddos, or whatever your heart desires for 15 minutes, when that time is up the next family will roll in & you will be on your way :) 

You will then be so very excited to see your images and we will be dead beat tired with pruned toes from being in the creek for hours that we will need a few days to get the images transferred to computer and start the editing process.  You will see the albums start to go up online and they will not be in any order.  This will drive you insane because you will want so badly to see your images, I promise they will be edited asap and will be uploaded for you to see and share with friends.  Once I finish editing all the sessions from the photo day I will start the disc making process, so even though your images are online and the album is complete the disc will be made once all images are complete.  When hosting a photoday we cut your shooting time down, but the cost is cut also.. we do this because we are able to work in bulk, same goes when it comes to editing and creating discs.

Once the discs are complete, we will ship them to you if you prefer (packages are mailed on Tuesday and Thursdays) or I have set up a lock box at the new store/office and you can pick up your disc from there.  We are located across from Ellijay Tire (behind the Dollar General) in suite 908A.  On the sidewalk you will see a lockbox and we will provide code for you to enter in order to pick up disc of images.  

With the disc of images you will be able to print and share the images as you choose.  We do ask that when uploading online to please give photo credit to Southern Grace Photography.  We will provide suggested printing lab for your printing needs and can assist you in ordering your prints online or you may go to local printing lab.  If printing local we recommend Jasper Drug Strore, as they are able to provide amazing customer service and prints as large as poster size with great quality.  

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.  Thanks for choosing Southern Grace Photography to capture all your most precious memories.


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Fluffy Fresh Linen Days are BACK!  



If there is one certain day that I get requested for it is this one... tho the amount of prep for this day is unreal, it is totally worth the images we produce.  Every time we bring this day back people are reluctant to book not sure what it is exactly, and then when the images are posted they are wishing they had booked.. so please please don't let this day pass you by.  If you are only going to take the plunge and invest in one set of images this year this would be the ones.  This day is perfect for maternity session, engagement session, kiddos, full families, couples, teens, grandparents, friends... EVERYONE!  On top of this being the most sought after day, it is also a blast ~ we fill pillows with feathers and have pillow fight after pillow fight, we have master the art of securing & supporting the bed outdoors so that your entire family can jump on the bed as much as you want.   Come spend some time this summer with Southern Grace and act like a kid again... it's good for your soul & we'll capture the memories to last a lifetime.   examples2-16.jpg

nePhotos-0527 All images posted are from prior Linen Day Shoots with Southern Grace Photography and will serve as an example of what is to come.  Take note of client's clothing, neutrals & soft linens are best.  We are not 100% certain if we will do the wooded scene or the field yet.. but whatever we decide on will be the best there is! 


This year's bed is amazing and refinished to perfection!  I'll post a pic of the bed asap, but for now it is on Facebook.  Our linens will be starch white as always and our pillows will be stuffed full of feathery fun!  To prepare your kids, please do not stress them out with telling them you are having pictures made.. instead tell them that they are going somewhere to play ~ tell them that you are coming to Nichol's Set up to help her with some fun ideas she has.   This way they don't have that fixed "cheese" smile and aren't a bucket of nerves or stressed.  Please do tell them that we plan to have fun but that I have a few things I need them to do first and then we will let them jump on the bed if they listen well.  This makes for a better experience for the children and will allow us to get our posed portion of the shoot before we get them wild and crazy! 

**No need to worry with Shoes*** wear flip flops or something easy, because we'll be pulling them off ya. 


Please feel free to bring your child's favorite book or stuffed animal/blankie.

Fluffy Fresh Linen Day Investment:  Each session will be packed full of fun for each client & amazing memories will be made.  We like to capture each family in their own way ~ we like to do what fits to each client so sessions will vary and results will be unique to you.  We will be splitting the payments into two portions, $60.00 is due now to book your appointment time & the balance of $125.00 is due at time of session.  If you were booked for the Color Paint day and want to transfer your payment to the Fluffy Fresh Linen day we will honor the same price of the Color Paint photoday, if you haven't already told me to transfer you over then please text me directly so that I can put you down before we are booked up my cell is 706 889 2425.  For everyone else wanting to book, please just fill in the options below & click the 'BUY NOW' button below, after reading all the details to reserve your spot.  Please note: If I am holding a spot for you, I can hold your spot for 24 hours and will have to open it back up for booking if deposit has not been made.   Feel free to contact me with any and all questions you may have.

***I have a long line of people with spots held, I will update this list first thing in the morning with the names.  In the event we fill in full we will take the first paid clients but will reserve the reserved spots for 24 hours and then fill them with the waiting list of paid clients.****

Schedule for June 22, 2013


2:00 Nikki Dover Pd.

2:30 Prossor Family Pd.

3:00 Purvis Pd. 

3:30 Leslie Harper Pd. 

4:00 Rachel Dyer (Winner from FB giveaway)

4:30 Cindy White Pd.

5:00 D. Weaver Pd.

5:30 LeeAnn Teague PD.

6:00 Candice/Ava Thompson

6:30 H. Goss Family PD.


Schedule for June 29, 2013


12:30 Lindsey Ballenger Pd.

1:00 Malcolm Family

1:30 Malcolm Family

2:00 BREAk

2:30 Z.G. 

3:00 T. Howell PD. 

3:30 Schneider Family

4:00 R. Jones Family

4:30 D. Penland Family PD.

5:00 break

5:30 Monica Deaver

6:00 Beth Daniel Family PD.

6:30 Cardd Family Pd.

Please enter date: 22 or 29
Time preference



The Juicy Details & Guidelines: Each session will consist of 20 minutes of photography coverage by Nichol Colwell.  We will be set up and ready for you guys so please come excited and on time :)  We will have one appointment after another, so if you are late your time slot it can not be held for you.  If we were to push our appointments back to work you in it would result in the last appointment being cut short due to poor lighting.  Please understand that being on time is very important.  We will have a 10 minute time frame in between each session to fix our props and remove the excess feathers that come from each session.  Please do understand this 10 minute time frame is not included in your session, we work very fast and are able to capture a complete album in the 20 minutes we have allotted per session.   Just trust me, this aint my first Rodeo & we'll get everything you need during this time ;)  If we are ahead of schedule and you are ready we will take you in early but we can not run over your allotted time.  In the event weather is not in our favor we will first try and reschedule and reset the photoday with you, if you are unable to make the second date we set then we will refund your payment in full within 30 days of cancellation notification.  If refund is in order, we will refund in the same fashion you paid.. example: online payment will receive online refund, check will receive check refund, etc.   In the event you pay deposit but do not show, deposit will be lost and refund will not be in order.  Should you pay deposit and provide a 48 hour notice of cancellation the deposit will be refunded in half amount, unless we are able to fill your spot & then we will refund your deposit in full within 30 days.

examples2-15.jpg examples2-18.jpg














Directions to location will be posted on this blog The Thursday before the shoot ~ we will not release the location before this date as our sets are booked on private property and we do not want the property owners to have unexpected early visitors ;) 

ne-1929 examples2-19.jpg ne-1208

ne-0961 examples2-12.jpg nephoto-1510 ne-8282 ne-8257 nephoto-8837


examples2-6.jpg ne-8456

nephoto-1489 ne-0981


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