The 'PURELY BEAUTIFUL' 2013 Valentine Photoday

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Give your man what he loves.... You!

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So, I was working on details for our yearly Girly Girly V-Day shoot and was thinking... what should our main focus be this year?!?!  Then I remembered when I took pics for my hubby as an anniversary gift, he loved them!  **Shhhh, don't tell any other male species, but Mr. Colwell is a romantic softy when it comes to me.  He said he loved how the images I gave him captured the woman he sees everyday, yet made him stop and really look.... made him see me all over again in the way that took his breath away, like I did in the beginning of our relationship.  We have a marriage that has taken a lot of work, but it was built on an unbelievable amount of love and no matter how crazy life with kids and work can get we still have that sweet love.  Just today, he stopped me as I started to get off the phone with him by saying a quick "bye, I love you" as if it were a way I have become so used to doing.. he said "Honey, I REALLLLLLLY LOVE YOU".  It took my breath for a second and made me smile, it made my whole day better to know that spark is still there for us & it is those simple little things that'll keep us happy and crazily in love during the madness of raising a family and running two businesses.  So, why did I tell you all that?!?!?!  Yes~ I LOVE to yack about absolutely any and everything, but the real reason for that story was not to brag about my fella being sweet, tho he is a dandy... it was to tell you that EVERYONE has to work at it!  There is not one relationship that is perfect, but I can promise you that every relationship started with happiness & love.... so be the one who is working extra hard at what you got or what you want to have & show the one you love that you love them this Valentine's Day & always!

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 This gift may not just say 'I love you', but it might also make the one getting the gift see just how much they LOVE you in return.  


 We've done the muscle car/motorcycle in garage set up, called 'Rev his Engine', we've done the candy shop set up & the traditional black back drop studio style with the XOXO's paint and now I'm thinking this year we'll name this photoday 'The PURELY BEAUTIFUL Photoday' and make it all about YOU beautiful ladies!  And I just want to say one more long winded thing... when you think to yourself, "I can't do this.. I'm not comfortable with my body"  ~ Just remember that your loved one loves you, for YOU.  You may look in the mirror and see a hang up you have about yourself but that little imperfection may be something your fella loves the most about you.   

So ladies... go to your mirror and get comfy in your own skin, don't withhold yourself from your husband... be his everything & start loving yourselves and allowing your husband to love you too. 



taylor-1925-2 taylor-1950











15 minute session with Nichol Colwell of Southern Grace on location (will post directions on blog on January 17th, will be in Ellijay).

We will be setting up OUTSIDE ~ yes, you will be cold... Yes it will be worth it & yes, I can smooth out goose bumps ;)

 Disc of 10-15 fully edited images ready for printing.  We will provide access to online printing lab to print images as you like so that your privacy is kept.  



Total investment $100.00 split into two payments.  $25.00 is due to book your spot and balance of $75.00 due at time of your session

Deposit is non~refundable if you were to cancel for any reason unless given advance notice & we are able to fill your spot.  If weather were to cause us to cancel date we will reset for following Saturday or refund your payment in full. 

We will be setting up in (private) natural outdoor location and don't worry with what to wear, we are hitting the stores this weekend to have several natural linens to use as covers as shown in photo examples.  I am able to work with natural lighting to highlight your body in a sexy yet beautiful way if you prefer to not use the linens, and then we will ask for you to have a few pieces of lacy lingerie/undies on hand.  We want you to be comfortable and will photograph you as you prefer.  Each album will be locked with personal password for only your viewing or online gallery doesn't even have to go up if you just prefer your images on disc only.   When you book your session if you prefer your name not listed on our line up, please let me know and we'll just use your initials.  Your privacy is important to us, if it is to you.


enter cell phone number:
Enter requested time slot:

Our Valentine line up for Saturday January 19, 2013

11:00 Paige R.

11:15 H. B.

11:30 Jessy A.

11:45 Sandra F.

12:00 Jessica B.

12:15 C.D.

12:30 LeeAnn T.

12:45 Lunch Break

1:15 Crystal N.

1:30 Kara K.

1:45 Roxie B.

2:00 Bridget B.

2:15 Kathleen R.

2:30 Kimberly W.

2:45 Tabatha M.

3:00 Sam C.

3:15 Tina L.

3:30 Shannon D.

3:45 Jessica M.

4:00 Robin J.


With so many of you asking... we are going to open up Sunday January 20, 2013 from 3:00-4:00  Same pricing and details and payment can be made by clicking payment button above.  Thanks!


3:00 michelle G. 

3:15  Melisa W.

3:30 Valerie C.

3:45 Jennie






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