Fluffy Fresh Linen Days are BACK!

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If there is one certain day that I get requested for it is this one... tho the amount of prep for this day is unreal, it is totally worth the images we produce.  Every time we bring this day back people are reluctant to book not sure what it is exactly, and then when the images are posted they are wishing they had booked.. so please please don't let this day pass you by.  If you are only going to take the plunge and invest in one set of images this year this would be the ones.  This day is perfect for maternity session, engagement session, kiddos, full families, couples, teens, grandparents, friends... EVERYONE!  On top of this being the most sought after day, it is also a blast ~ we fill pillows with feathers and have pillow fight after pillow fight, we have master the art of securing & supporting the bed outdoors so that your entire family can jump on the bed as much as you want.   Come spend some time this summer with Southern Grace and act like a kid again... it's good for your soul & we'll capture the memories to last a lifetime.   examples2-16.jpg

nePhotos-0527 All images posted are from prior Linen Day Shoots with Southern Grace Photography and will serve as an example of what is to come.  Take note of client's clothing, neutrals & soft linens are best.  We are not 100% certain if we will do the wooded scene or the field yet.. but whatever we decide on will be the best there is! 


This year's bed is amazing and refinished to perfection!  I'll post a pic of the bed asap, but for now it is on Facebook.  Our linens will be starch white as always and our pillows will be stuffed full of feathery fun!  To prepare your kids, please do not stress them out with telling them you are having pictures made.. instead tell them that they are going somewhere to play ~ tell them that you are coming to Nichol's Set up to help her with some fun ideas she has.   This way they don't have that fixed "cheese" smile and aren't a bucket of nerves or stressed.  Please do tell them that we plan to have fun but that I have a few things I need them to do first and then we will let them jump on the bed if they listen well.  This makes for a better experience for the children and will allow us to get our posed portion of the shoot before we get them wild and crazy! 

**No need to worry with Shoes*** wear flip flops or something easy, because we'll be pulling them off ya. 


Please feel free to bring your child's favorite book or stuffed animal/blankie.

Fluffy Fresh Linen Day Investment:  Each session will be packed full of fun for each client & amazing memories will be made.  We like to capture each family in their own way ~ we like to do what fits to each client so sessions will vary and results will be unique to you.  We will be splitting the payments into two portions, $60.00 is due now to book your appointment time & the balance of $125.00 is due at time of session.  If you were booked for the Color Paint day and want to transfer your payment to the Fluffy Fresh Linen day we will honor the same price of the Color Paint photoday, if you haven't already told me to transfer you over then please text me directly so that I can put you down before we are booked up my cell is 706 889 2425.  For everyone else wanting to book, please just fill in the options below & click the 'BUY NOW' button below, after reading all the details to reserve your spot.  Please note: If I am holding a spot for you, I can hold your spot for 24 hours and will have to open it back up for booking if deposit has not been made.   Feel free to contact me with any and all questions you may have.

***I have a long line of people with spots held, I will update this list first thing in the morning with the names.  In the event we fill in full we will take the first paid clients but will reserve the reserved spots for 24 hours and then fill them with the waiting list of paid clients.****

Schedule for June 22, 2013


2:00 Nikki Dover Pd.

2:30 Prossor Family Pd.

3:00 Purvis Pd. 

3:30 Leslie Harper Pd. 

4:00 Rachel Dyer (Winner from FB giveaway)

4:30 Cindy White Pd.

5:00 D. Weaver Pd.

5:30 LeeAnn Teague PD.

6:00 Candice/Ava Thompson

6:30 H. Goss Family PD.


Schedule for June 29, 2013


12:30 Lindsey Ballenger Pd.

1:00 Malcolm Family

1:30 Malcolm Family

2:00 BREAk

2:30 Z.G. 

3:00 T. Howell PD. 

3:30 Schneider Family

4:00 R. Jones Family

4:30 D. Penland Family PD.

5:00 break

5:30 Monica Deaver

6:00 Beth Daniel Family PD.

6:30 Cardd Family Pd.

Please enter date: 22 or 29
Time preference



The Juicy Details & Guidelines: Each session will consist of 20 minutes of photography coverage by Nichol Colwell.  We will be set up and ready for you guys so please come excited and on time :)  We will have one appointment after another, so if you are late your time slot it can not be held for you.  If we were to push our appointments back to work you in it would result in the last appointment being cut short due to poor lighting.  Please understand that being on time is very important.  We will have a 10 minute time frame in between each session to fix our props and remove the excess feathers that come from each session.  Please do understand this 10 minute time frame is not included in your session, we work very fast and are able to capture a complete album in the 20 minutes we have allotted per session.   Just trust me, this aint my first Rodeo & we'll get everything you need during this time ;)  If we are ahead of schedule and you are ready we will take you in early but we can not run over your allotted time.  In the event weather is not in our favor we will first try and reschedule and reset the photoday with you, if you are unable to make the second date we set then we will refund your payment in full within 30 days of cancellation notification.  If refund is in order, we will refund in the same fashion you paid.. example: online payment will receive online refund, check will receive check refund, etc.   In the event you pay deposit but do not show, deposit will be lost and refund will not be in order.  Should you pay deposit and provide a 48 hour notice of cancellation the deposit will be refunded in half amount, unless we are able to fill your spot & then we will refund your deposit in full within 30 days.

examples2-15.jpg examples2-18.jpg














Directions to location will be posted on this blog The Thursday before the shoot ~ we will not release the location before this date as our sets are booked on private property and we do not want the property owners to have unexpected early visitors ;) 

ne-1929 examples2-19.jpg ne-1208

ne-0961 examples2-12.jpg nephoto-1510 ne-8282 ne-8257 nephoto-8837


examples2-6.jpg ne-8456

nephoto-1489 ne-0981



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