CREEK DAY July 26th, 2014

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Summer is in full swing ~ temps are high, days are long ~ just how we like it. So, the time has come for one of our most requested photo day….CREEK DAY!! This one is a favorite among our clients.  No matter your age, as soon you step into the fresh flowing creek water of good ole' Ellijay, you really just can’t help but go back in time to the days of your childhood. Even if you have never stepped foot into a creek, you still know what days I'm talking about. The days where everything seemed simple and happiness was found in the smallest things! To truly live you must lose yourself completely for a minute... to let go, to relax, to laugh, to love, to enjoy everything around you and not worry about yesterday or tomorrow but to be in the present moment. The creek brings it out in ya, even the 'I hate to be photographed' people have always left laughing & truth be told, they are usually the one who starts the splashing ;) Over the years we have set up so many different themes to photograph and capture family memories but the Creek Photoday is the one that truly does capture real life, sure we start off by getting the nice group shot of everyone smiling and looking at the camera to hang on the wall but the one you enlarge to hang on the wall is always found in the images that aren't posed.  Creek Day offers just that, it's a way to step back and get real simple ~ it always starts with one simple splash, and after a few drops get on Mom or Dad & they realize they aren't gonna melt, the smiles and laughter start coming natural... And that is when it happens, the family is all playing and having fun~ at that moment my assistant an I are just observers.


 I have realized during creek day, that though the family came to have their pictures taken, they left with a lot more than that.. they left our session with memories and togetherness!  It makes my heart smile to see a family truly enjoy each other, and to see that it can be found in something as simple as playing in the creek on a hot summer day!



Each session will include 30 minutes of coverage time, online viewing of edited images to share with friends & family and a disc of 15-30 completely retouched images, free of watermark, and ready for printing.


You’ll want to book your spot quick, this day will fill up in no time! We missed out on this fun day last year, thanks to TONS of rain, so everyone is in need of a creek day fix :) Once the spots are filled, that’s it. So don’t miss your chance! The date will be July 26th :)  In the event we are unable to complete the photo day due to weather, or our decision, your session fee will be refunded in the form of which it was paid. Please allow 2 weeks for refunds. However, if for any reason you are unable to keep your appointment time, your session fee is non-refundable.



southerngrace-8206southerngrace-8206 southern-8142southern-8142 Total investment for the coverage and disc of images is $160. This amount will be split into two payments: $50 is due now as a deposit (session fee) to hold your spot, and the remaining $100 will be due at the time of your session. Payment on the day of will only be accepted in form of cash or check (made payable to Southern Grace Photography). If you would like to pay your balance with a credit card, payment must be received in advance. Just let us know, and we’ll send ya an invoice.  When paying with C.Card online Paypal's payment/processing fee will be applied to your balance.





All images on this post were taken by Southern Grace Photography & used to serve as an example of what our past year’s creek adventures were like.  

These images will also show clothing selections to what some of our clients have wore in the past and you can also refer to the info below in the FQA section as to clothing info for this day. :) 


Make sure to bring towels and a carefree heart, cause we’re gonna have fun! If you choose not to get completely wet at the end of your session, we won’t force you, but if you do it’ll be the most fun your family has had all summer! :)





Directions to our creek day location will be emailed out to you on Thursday, July 24th. Also, any changes, updates, etc will be sent via e-mail. Please ensure that we have your correct e-mail address when paying your deposit.


When booking, please include your phone number, e-mail address and your requested time slot. We will put you in the closest slot available if the time you requested has already been booked. Keep in mind that we update the line-up manually. We will try our best to stay on top of it, but we’re only human.


11:00 Tabitha Burney (pd)

11:30 Erin Fowler (pd)

12:00 Misty Fletcher (pd in full)

12:30 Hannah Land (pd)

1:00 BREAK

1:30 BREAK

2:00 Morgan Malcom (pd)

2:30 Mindy Prosser (pd)

3:00 Sarah Hall (pd)

3:30 BREAK

4:00 NG (pd)


5:00 Valerie Crump (pd)



Enter Phone number and e-mail
Enter requested time slot



**PLEASE NOTE** We will no longer be allowing multiple families to share a single photo day session. We have limited time during these sessions, and it is too much to try and squeeze multiple groups in. If you are needing multiple family photos, please book 2 time slots, or e-mail me for information on booking a private 1 hour session. Sorry for any inconvenience, and thanks for understanding! 


Below are some FAQ ~ please feel free to e-mail us at with any questions you have that are not answered below. 

How do I book a slot?  Pay your deposit above and make sure to include your cell phone number, requested time slot~ each area will have a place to type info on payment button above.  With time requests, we will put you as close to the requested time as possible.  If the time is already booked we will put you in next available slot, if that doesn't work for you, please let us know asap so we can fill the spot and we will refund your payment or try and move things around.  In the event we book in full and you have paid, we will refund your payment or try to open a slot up for you.  Please note that the blog line up is updated manually and your name will be added as soon as possible.  

I paid but I don't see my name on list?  The blog is updated manually and your name will be added as soon as we return to the office.

What if it rains?  It aint going to.... but for those of you who need a plan at all times, we will refund your payment in full and try to reschedule the day in which you will be able to book again.  In the event of rain we will start to call in order of line up (this is why entering cell number is so important). We do ask that before preparing for the day, please check the blog to see if we have posted anything.. we will first post updates to the blog in event of inclement weather.  

What do we wear?  What do you normally wear... that is what you should wear to this day, unless you normally wear stretch pants and t-shirt, then kick it up a notch and at least put on some cute shorts & tank ;)  Nah, really guys ~ Creek Day is a fun filled day and we want you to play and live it up, so please do not get all fancied up in clothing that you will never wear again, because it'll make you uncomfortable and stiff & we won't be able to get ya wet ;)   P.S.  Probably a good idea to not tell the hubby about the "getting wet part"  Let us break the news to him during the session ~ just quietly sneak a few towels in the car with ya.. normally the hubby will go for it all & it'll be less belly-aching for ya to deal with before hand! lol

How early do we arrive?  If you appointment is down for 11:30 then please arrive at 11:15, so that you can get unloaded and be ready for your session as soon as I finish the client before you.. please do not be rolling in at 11:30 as it will take off from our shooting time.  Each client will be photographed at their time slot and if you are late then you will loose time as we will have client or needed break directly following your session.  

How long will it be before we get our disc?  We ask for 4-6 weeks of editing time during this time of year, this allows for proper editing to be done to each image.  We normally knock them out well before this time frame (sometimes as soon as 1 week later but only if the editing is caught up, so we do ask for proper work time on images and we try to finish our work in order for best flow and client satisfaction.) 

Where do we pick our disc up from?  We can mail your disc if we know in advance, otherwise all discs are left in our drop box located at our studio in Ellijay.  Studio address is 572 Maddox Drive Suite 220 Ellijay Ga. 30540 and lock box is outside our door.  Code to open box will be given to you upon completion of your disc. 

If I have a question, who do I call?  Call Casey at the studio she is there on Monday, Wednesday, & Friday. Please do leave us a message if you call when we are out & we will call you back.  Studio number is 706-635-3335  Please save this number and contact us through this number as my cell phone is reserved for personal use only and appreciate you guys understanding that, just had to separate work from home life a bit & this was the way to do it :)  Casey can also be emailed at & she will return your email within 2 business days. 

What a treasure these images will be for your family ~ there is no possible way to regain time, so spend your time wisely. Your family will grow a little more each day, make sure to soak them up!! To me, an image freezes that moment in time, & though it can’t really take you back to just how wonderful that moment was, it can sure bring tears to the eyes of a mother who wants to remember those sweet moments when the tiny fingers of her toddler once held tightly to her hand…or a father, who wants to be able to look upon the walls of his home and remember the days when he could toss his little girl, laughing and screaming with delight, high into the air with his own two hands. Now those hands are aged, and so are those minds ~ having these images will save your memories for a lifetime. It’s what you leave behind that makes a difference, so leave a trail of happiness, and a stack of photos as proof! 

Thanks to God for the gift I have been blessed with to capture life…your life.


 We simply can't wait to play in the creek with ya, bring on the wrinkled up toes!!!

XOXOXO, Nichol & Casey 



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