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Spring Photo Day with Southern Grace

March 02, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

As I raised my kitchen window yesterday and turned some sweet music on I took a breath of fresh air & realized... it's that time of year again!  PHOTODAYS..... to you this means AWESOME IMAGES, but to me it means hitching up my trailer, SWEET TEA, early morning prep, dirt road riding/location hunting,  laughter, skirts & boots, couch toting, loosing checklists, checking rain tracker, no bathrooms, Tractor cranking, barn bees, cheese sticks, mega memory cards, briars, reflector fighting, barefeet in creeks, Watermelon, sun-kissed skin, planning/not planning, craigslist hunting, praying, country music, lots of hugs from my Southern Grace Kids, and new memories to come!

MARCH 31, 2012

I am so excited this year to start the year out with ya'll in a natural setting, that displays your family & children at the stage they and living right now!  I want to capture your kids/family more than just the smile they can put on their face, I want to see their insides shine!   We will play and have a good ole' time as it feel like forever since we hosted a photoday outside in the sweet Springtime.  Last year we went all out with the lamb day and while we collect great images for you (and more laughs that one lifetime is allowed) we also found time spent working with the lamb where we could have been working with you.... so I think this year we will keep our Spring Day focused on LIFE.... Life of your child, the life that lives in your family and makes your heart flutter. I want to be able to jump inside what makes you who you are & snatch that little look off your child's face, the one that says "but Momma, I love you & it's love that never ends" or "Daddy, I want you to always look at me like I am your world".  If it is a session for couples that you seek, I want to be a fly on the wall that is able to see that love shine and want to be able to capture it for you to cherish for a life time.  I want these things for this photoday and every photoday to come... why!?!?  Because I am able to see them in my life and want the happiness I see to be something that everyone sees and notices each & everyday.  

With lots of thoughts behind it, we'll call this photoday   "More than a fling this SPRING"     'cause we know that it's BIGGER than that.. it's love that binds you all & we're gonna photograph it!    


Session time & Disc of edited images $180.00 cut into two payments... $50. due today to book your session.  Balance due on day of session (March 31, 2012)  Included is time and talent of photographer, Nichol Colwell.  Disc of images fully edited and ready for printing.  Access to professional grade printing at consumer's cost versus professional printing cost. Image count will range from 20 - 30 images.  Theses images will be full resolution files, capable of printing up to poster sized prints or as small as wallet sized.  Images will be free of watermark. Photographer waives printing rights but will remain owner of images, photographer does allow online sharing and duplicating of disc.   If for any reason Southern Grace cancels photoday your deposit/session fee will be refunded in full.  In the event you shall cancel the session fee is lost as the spot was held for you.  We will work with you on rescheduling but $20 of deposit will be applied to photoday to cover our assistant's fees and location costs.   Please click below to submit payment of $50.00 to hold your spot!  If it rains or is too dark to shoot we will reschedule to new date or refund your session fee in full.

So whatever makes your days worth living and loving.. bring them to me ~ and lay it all out there for me to see.  If your fella is sweet and dances in the kitchen with you once a week, then that is what I want to see.  If he can wink at you from across the room and make your heart smile then I want to see it.  If your lil one loves to wear tutus with mix matched socks with a polkadot shirt & rain boots then let their creativity shine.           I want to see YOU & your life on March 31, 2012.


As always I ask for trust from you ~ trust me to do my job, capture realness in my images and not a stiff fake face that arrives when the camera comes out.   I vow to you guys that location will be top notch & perfect for anyone who is a fan of my taste of photography.  We still have a few details to work out on locations as we have several new spots we are working toward using this year.  As soon as we have everything finalized I will post ideas and samples of location.  I will let you know that I am working toward some local props... if I get my way the props will be something recycled and priorly used right here in good ole' Ellijay (the apple country)    As far as colors to match.. it'll be natural colors, no funky colored couch to match to this time (well unless I just find something I can't live without & add in as extra fun ;)   Below is a lil hint of what wheels are turning in my head :)  It'll be different & FAB ~ I PROMISE!!!Image Hosted by


  This photo day is already giving me butterflies in my stomach as I am so excited to start the cRaZY FUN again!  



submit your $50.00 payment below

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Appointment log: 


11:00 Alicia Marshall

11:30 Rachel Dyer

12:00 Allison Ward


2:30 Dana Penland


3:30 Lindsey Carroll


4:30 Amy Wells

5:00 Leslie Allen

5:30 Jennifer Pope


Once appointment slots are filled we will not open additional slots, so get it while the gettin's good! 

Details as to location directions and sample images will be added soon :)  



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