Southern Grace Photography by Nichol | Glam It UP Valentine's Day Shoot!

Glam It UP Valentine's Day Shoot!

January 17, 2014  •  1 Comment   <--------------Click here for the video directions of where to go and what to expect when you arrive tomorrow & Tuesday!   address is 572 Maddox Drive Suite 209 East Ellijay 




The session will include professional makeup artist, Holly Chastain on site to make you into a true rock star!!  And when I say she is the best ~ she is really THE BEST!!!!!  Shooting time will be for 30 minutes of coverage.  We will be set up in Ellijay with professional lighting and backdrops/sets.  Directions to the shoot can be found by map questing the address & more details can be found by watching the video link above. 

Okay before you talk yourself out of this or incase the image of the high heels I bought for this shoot scare you to death... please keep in mind, I have had children, I have been that stay at home mom that says "oh gosh this isn't me.."  or "Oh well I can't do that because I need to loose weight" or "I will do this next year when I loose 15 or more pounds" or "my hubby would love this, but I'm too shy" or "those girls shooting this.. I don't even know them & I have to get in my undies!!!!!"   I know all those stories and more than just hearing them I know how it feels ~ Every woman is self conscious and I don't care if you are a perfect 10 in everyone else's book ~ you have a flaw and you have something you wish was different about yourself ~ why, I don't know... but here is a perfect example: my step daughter is only 10 years old and has straight hair and wants a perm.. if her hair were curly she'd want a straighter put on it. She is beautiful just as she is :)

southerngracesoutherngrace southerngrace-6southerngrace-6










Well I'll go further to let ya know that I understand & to rest you assure that I too have had many things I have been uncomfortable about with my body & until meeting my hubby I hid them.. he made me see myself the way he sees me~ instead of just not saying anything about my hangups, he reassured me & my flaws & helped me to embrace them.  He knew I hated to lay on my side because my belly was yucky like that ~ well not only did he get it so that I sleep on my side but he holds my belly while we sleep ;) There are so many other lil hang ups I had & yep~ too much info but I feel it was needed... simply to explain that when you have that person in your life that loves you, they LOVE YOU for YOU!   Some men don't know how to express this the way my hubby has but I do know if you are reading this then you wanna see your hubby's eyes get huge when he sees that his wife does still have it going on!   If there is one thing I can say is my crew and I can rock out some photo days ~ add in the best makeup artist around and we will have a town full of happy hubby's!!!  I have never had a woman unhappy with her valentine pics & normally have each one of the girls returning the next year & often will have the husband thank me during their family session for such an awesome gift.. so give him what he loves... YOU!! So, when you come to get your beyond hot pics made for your feller ~ know that I don't care if you have stretch marks in certain places you don't want them.. We'll airbrush them outta there & you'll never know they were there & you'll see that I too have stretch marks :/   If you have some weird birth mark ~ cool, we can photoshop that or leave it ~ your call!  We just want to have fun & make you feel beautiful, and each and everyone of you all truly are!  I guess the one main thing I want anyone who has not done this but wants to or is thinking of it ~ YOU NEED TO, your hubby loves you and with our makeup artist, my photography skills and Casey's mad editing/airbrushing skills you will look like you fell out of a magazine!  


PRIVACY :  YOU GOT IT!  When you book with us, we will list the time line up by first name only & if there is more than one 'Nichol' for example, we will do Nichol C and Nichol T on list.  If you only want initials posted that too is fine.  When pics are finished we lock each album with your personal chosen password and will not post or show images to ANYONE~ I don't care if it's your best friend or sister.. you will have to give her the password ;)  If you are a public figure in our small town and want to arrive before anyone else is likely to show up or see you there, then call us.... this aint our first rodeo & we're here to work for you :)

CLOTHING or the lack there of:   Normally we say we're gonna keep it very clean, but we have had tons of requests for the RISKAAAAY pics and our backgrounds will allow for any style you want ~so do what you are comfy with as for attire, but do push your limits a little so the hubby is getting images of not his normal house-wife woman ;)  We will have material that matches the drops and other items to use on you ~ so really all you need it black or white/cream panties but if you have corsets or nighties and want to bring them that is fine too.   Please keep in mind, sometimes less is more~ meaning, if you bring tons of stuff to put on and you spend 5 minutes changing per outfit then half of your session was spent changing instead of shooting.. we found the past saturday that the girls who didn't bring tons of changes and we were able to flop around our items on them, we were then able to shoot more and capture more images in the allotted time.  So my opinion is to have one nighty you know you love and then have black & white/cream panties and that's it ~ if you want to bring black, white/cream, red, funky colored heels and knee highs or something like that it'd be great!  If you are up for anything ~ then bring it on... Black Corsets with shimmers of silver or gold is our top suggestion ~ some girls are wearing fishnet attire so whatever your comfort level is, go with that ~ we will make ya look amazing in the style that fits your choice in attire & then we'll also use our style to mix it all up for great selection of images!   Remember ~ PLEASE BE ON TIME, PLEASE CHANGE FAST & KNOW THAT THE FASTER YOU ARE ABLE TO CHANGE AND GET ON SET THE MORE IMAGES AND POSES WE WILL GET WITH YA. :) 

PRICING:   $135.00 ($35.00 deposit due now to book your spot & $100 balance due at time of session) For this price you will receive the session time with Nichol, professional makeup artist, Holly Chastain, we will help with clothing choices and we will have extra clothing items & heels/boots on hand to look through, a beyond amazing set up and props.  Locked private online gallery to directly download your high resolution files for printing & discounted pricing of direct print ordering from gallery ~ this option will allow you to order at printing lab costs. Example: the lab charges me $1.00 for 5x7 image you will be able to order 5x7 print for $1.00 or you can download your images and upload them to lab of your choice or print them at walmart should you choose...  southerngrace-5southerngrace-5

Make your deposit below & enter you time choice we will put you as close to that time as we can ~ we go with first come first serve so if someone pays before you & requests that time slot then we must put them down and move you to the next available.   southerngrace-4southerngrace-4

Please note:  Makeup will take 45 minutes prior to your session starting time so please arrive 1 hour prior to your session with NO MAKEUP on your face :) I will add more details to this area this evening..  and no need to bring your makeup ~ Holly is locked and loaded & has everything she needs to make ya fabulous!


Request your time slot:
cell phone number
How you want your name listed




Please note~ the time listed below is your photographing time, you will need to arrive 1 hour before time listed.. 

Feb 4th TUESDAY NIGHT line up:


4:30 Jenn

5:15 BLS Deposit paid on pp

6:00 Marcia

6:45  P.R. Paid Deposit on PP

7:30 J.E. Paid deposit on PP

8:15 Kathy B Paid Deposit on PP

9:00 Morgan Paid Deposit on PP

10:00 M.G Paid Deposit on PP

10:45 Mindy P. 



  We will add more pics as we get permission from the prior clients but here are some from our past shoots ~ keep in mind we didn't have professional makeup in any of theses shoots ~ so this year will be even better than these!!!  The makeup matters & you guys will see why when we complete your images ;) Check back for more images soon!

happy-1779_pp.jpghappy-1779_pp.jpg preview-14.jpgpreview-14.jpg



southern grace-8southern grace-8

Glamour editGlamour edit southerngrace-5695southerngrace-5695


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