Southern Grace Photography by Nichol | Photographer's Update :)

Photographer's Update :)

August 27, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Goodness Gracious, it has sure been amazing around here lately!  We have been slammed with photo appointments and constantly has us feeling so very blessed.   In the past 2 months I have photographed more newborns than ever & still have 2 on the books to come ~ these wee ones have been filling my days with sweetness & the results are something I know the mother's will treasure for a lifetime!  Thanks to all my newborn Momma's for hauling your baby out to me & trusting me with such an important capture.  I do feel so thankful to have you call on me.

Ellijay Ga PhotographerNewborn PhotographyPhotographer Ellijay, GA This is Natalie Harrison's sweet baby girl, who was such a dream to work with ~ she was like puddy in my hands and molded into just about any position I tried.  She also slept like a champ, which lead her session to last only a few hours.  I also had the privilege of photographing her older brother as a newborn baby.. I truly enjoyed photographing them together years later.  Let's me know I am doing something right to have kept these sweet clients for all these years... not to mention Momma drove from Woodstock area for her photography session with me ~ thanks again for the efforts, Natalie.. I believe we captured her sweetness & it was well worth it all. southerngrace-3191Newborn Photographer Ellijay gaPhotographer Ellijay, GA

I would also like to welcome a new family to our Southern Grace Family ~ Nikki heard about us through a friend, who was referred to us by Natalie.. so it goes to show, word of mouth is a powerful thing & without my clients, I would not be where I am today.  So thank you so much to each of my clients who recommend us to others, you are what makes my job continue.  

Here is Mr. Tripp, love his wild & crazy hair! Ellijay Ga Newborn PhotographerEllijay Ga PhotographerNewborn Photographer Ellijay, GA

I can't wait to watch and capture Tripp as he grows!  If he is anything like his parents, then he will be awesome (and adorable)!!!  Mom & Dad totally relaxed at the studio all day, while I played with baby, and that allowed for me to do my job.  I absolutely love and need that trust, so thanks for making our day with you so enjoyable.. my creativity was able to flow & I do believe it shows in your images.  Thanks again y'all ~ can't wait until our next photo session!  Squeeze that sweet boy for me!

Newborn Ellijay Ga PhotographerNewborn Family PhotographerPhotographer Ellijay, GA Ellijay ga photography newbornNewborn Photographer ELlijay GaPhotographer Ellijay, GA We had several other newborns come through our studio doors in the last month, & has kept myself busy for countless hours, during the day, and also our editor, Casey.  She has worked her little fingers to death on editing these sweet pics & want to give her a big ole' pat on the back!  She makes my work what it is and without her eye of perfection I don't know where I'd be.  So, Casey Lou... I thank you for all you do & so do these parents ~ you truly rock our pics out!  Few other clients we have had this month are our CREEK DAY CLIENTS ~ Good Golly was that some major FUN!  We had some of the families in over their heads in the creeks of Ellijay.  I also can promise a couple things about creek day ~ the families leave with memories of laughter.. they leave WET and they leave with awesome images to capture it all!  Creek Day still stands at one of our favorite photo days of all.  It's just REALLY GOOD, OLD TIME KINDA FUN & you can't beat that with a stick!


We have also photographed Candra Warren's ladies, for their insurance business ad ~ beyond fun!  Such beautiful women, inside and out!

We spent an evening with a Woodstock attorney & her associate, boy oh boy were they a HOOT!  She sure surprised me, and was living it up on our session around Ellijay.  I really did enjoy knowing I am not the only one out there, who isn't afraid to let loose and have fun!

Photographer Attorney Ellijay GaHeadshots Photogapher Ellijay GaPhotographer Ellijay, GA

Let's not forget our sweet and beautiful Christy of Happy Elephant Yoga Studio.  Her session was AMAZINGLY AWESOME!  We went to a few locations around Ellijay and also shot in her new studio, which opens Sept. 2, 2014 for Yoga classes in downtown Ellijay.  I will ad a link for y'all as soon as she gets it rolling.  Check out this awesomeness below ~ even her images have a way of relaxing me.. I think it is the sweet soft spirit she carries and it even shows through camera.  Glad to have met you, Christy ~ we wish you much success & happiness in your upcoming business. 

family photographyEllijay Ga Yoga PhotographerPhotographer/photography ellijay ga SG Photography (7 of 7)Ellijay Ga photographer photography
















And now, for me.. back to emailing and editing my heart out.  Much love to you all & thanks again for everything! *Blessed*


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